Pluto | Managing Director

Pluto | Managing Director

Pluto – Managing Director & Head of Quality Assurance
Birthday: 28/11/2019

Whippet, also known as Pluto, in charge of eating all the produc- I mean testing to ensure that all of the products we sell meet our high standards. He’s an absoloutely, downright hilarious, spunky boy who wants to eat all our profits… and he’s so cute we might just let him! He chose us at the beginning of March and is loving life in East Devon, learning to do agility and getting all the zoomies out by the river. He even knows how to swim now… which is an odd thing to watch a whippet do…
Favourite item we sell: Stuffed trachea because it lasts a long time!
Favourite things to do: Eat, run, agility, sleep


21 April 2015


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