Lyra | Head of Sales

Lyra | Head of Sales

Lyra – Managing Director Head of Sales
Birthday: 14/02/2020

Ah, the sheepdog. Lyra got decided that herding sheep was too easy so she would move on to herding something more difficult – humans! She’ll herd you into our wonderful dog treat boxes and once she fixes you with that collie stare, you won’t be able to resist buying our products… she’s the your dogs’ very own Robin Hood… except that she’s taking from you and giving them whole bundles of treats in return – plus we’re putting everything on 20% discount on her birthday!
Favourite item we sell: Rabbit ears – even though the fluff gets stuck in her teef!
Favourite things to do: Herding sheep, agility, sheep herding, obedience, a bit more sheep herding, sleeping with her legs in the air, herding, watching sport on the tv – Did I mention she likes sheep herding?!


21 April 2015


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