Aspen | Head of Marketing

Aspen | Head of Marketing

Aspen – Managing Director & Head of Marketing
Birthday: 13/05/2017

Who better to be the head of marketing than the handsomest doggo? Aspen’s key strategic marketing plan is looking so adorable out on walks that we can’t go anywhere without people stopping to talk to us. He does his excited tippy tappy toes and then falls onto the floor for belly rubs, and whilst you’re busy stroking and loving on him, I tell you all about our wonderful sustainable products. Powerless to Aspen’s charm and wonderful good looks, you’re unable to say no and simply have to buy him all his favourite products so that he will continue looking adoringly up at you!
Favourite item we sell: Sustainable dog toys because tugging is life…
Favourite things to do: Agility, tugging, playing ball, walkies, swimming


21 April 2015


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