Alice and James

Alice and James

Hey there! If you’ve got this far you must be either really interested in us, or really bored- because I can safely say that I’ve never read the About Us section of a business website before…. either way, welcome! We are Alice and James and we run The Naked Whippet. We live in Devon, and absolutely adore the Devonshire countryside that we live in; from the beaches, to the common land to the moor. We are very lucky and very grateful to live in this place of outstanding natural beauty, and we wanted to keep it that way. Alice is a qualified, accredited behaviourist through INTODogs and ICAN, she is also completing her FdSc in Applied Canine Behaviour and Training through Hull University. She has been training in agility for 14 years, obedience in 8 years, teaching classes for 6 years and running her own buiness for 5 years. For 3 years, she worked as the Puppy Co-ordinator for Dogs For Good, training assistance dogs for disabled people and children with autism. We have our three main pooches, Aspen, Lyra and Pluto, as well as our family dogs Melody, Lacey, Flynn and Bertie and we also have nine Hebridean sheep. With the dogs, we do agility, sheep herding, obedience, canine freestyle and flyball – so it’s safe to say that their welfare comes first. ​


21 April 2015


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