Coming September 2022 in Sidmouth

Luxury Doggy Day Care Sidmouth

Coming September 2022

The Naked Whippet are setting up a daycare with a difference in September. It will be based near The Donkey Sanctuary, at Salcombe Regis, Sidmouth.

Our focus is on meeting all of our dogs emotional and physical needs. We will be creating a place where dogs can feel safe, relaxed and happy.

Unlike other doggy daycares, we will only be permitting one small group which will be further split into pairs or smaller group for structured, supervised play and fun! Whilst we are licensed for 8 dogs, we won’t be accepting as many dogs as possible, only suitable dogs.

Throughout the day, your dog will have a multitude of different enrichment opportunities including scent games, snuffle mats, licki mats, kongs, interactive games and toys, paddling pools, seesaws, ball pits, tunnel and more! These games will be designed to lower arousal levels and increase sustained engagement, which are super fun and challenging for dogs. There will also be walks on the beach, secure fields, and around East Devon depending on weather.

During the day there will be access to short training sessions designed to increase engagement and confidence in dogs by myself, a Master Dog Trainer and Kennel Club Judge with 2 Diplomas in Canine Behaviour and Training as well as 14 years experience in training, 3 of which training Assistance Dogs.

Remember though, rest is important to lower arousal levels and create calm, contented dogs! Dogs are used to sleeping 14 out of 24 hours per day, so each dog has their own “bedroom” area designed to mimic the home environment, even complete with wall hangings. Without this, they are likely to become overstimulated and completely unable to settle at home. As such, they will have a completely safe space to sleep and rest which reduces the stress responses that are typical in a normal daycare.

All dogs will return to owners calm, contented, and with the skills to rest at home.

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