Launch! Welcome to The Naked Whippet

Oct 12 2021

Launch! Welcome to The Naked Whippet

In preparation for opening day, our first blog post! It’s come round quickly… if you’re reading this then it means that we are now open for business! If you’re a fan of the environment (hopefully most dog owners!) then this is the place for you. We are offering a range of natural dog treat boxes, chews and other sustainable dog products like rope toys and bandanas. Me and James are extremely excited to launch this business and our dogs are just as excited; mainly because it means they get all the freebies. 

We will be filling this blog post with things that our customers want, so please message our socials for requests and ideas. So far, we’ve had requests for trick training tutorials, nutrition information, knowledge and information on different dog sports, behind the scenes stories and activities, how to pick the right breed for you, what a good breeder looks like, what a good rescue centre looks like, information on our sheep and our sheep herding journey, lead training tips and more! So watch this space because it will be full of interesting tips and tricks. 

I guess here would be a good place to give a bit more information about myself and James, though you can find some on our “About Us” page too. We are a couple from Devon with a lot of dogs and passion for the environment. We noticed when we were lavishing our loveable idiots with toys and treats, that most of it came from far and wide, was covered in plastic and was clearly having a significant impact on the environment. When we buy for ourselves, we try and ensure we buy local, support local businesses and farms, and reduce our impact on the environment as much as we can; so why weren’t we doing that for our dogs? We started looking into it and found that, locally, there wasn’t much in the way of sustainable dog products – although we love the small businesses in the area – we thought there was a significant gap in the market for sustainable dog products, an so The Naked Whippet was born.

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